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Amplify Black Artists: Keenan Cooks

Keenan Cooks is the king of manifestation. Whether he’s teaching at BDC, choreographing for huge names like Cardi B, David Guetta, or Lizzo, or dancing at the Grammy’s, perhaps what makes Cooks so successful is that he never loses sight of his past OR his future. There’s a fine line to walk between confidence and […]

Amplify Black Artists: Mikayla Hawkinson

Makeup. Film. Music. Fashion. Skincare. You name it, this girl does it and CRUSHES it. I’m absolutely thrilled to be introducing my #AmplifyBlackArtists series, where I’ll be interviewing and featuring some insanely talented Black artists from a variety of industries including […]

Here & There

I moved to Arizona in 2013 hoping for a new adventure. 5 years later, I’m leaving with a newfound respect for the US and all it’s natural wonders, new friends that feel like family, a job with people who inspire me every day to be better and who remind me that nothing is impossible if […]

Black & White

Someone once pointed out to me that while I seem to have no problem viewing others through a non-judgmental, non-categorical lens, I have a bit of a compulsive need to classify myself, my states of being, and my own life experiences as one of two very plain extremes. Good or bad. Happy or sad. Success […]

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Now & Then

8 years ago today, my mom underwent a dangerous brain surgery procedure to remove a tumor on her brainstem. Though she survived, a stroke on the operating table left her unable to speak and completely paralyzed on the left side of her body. In an instant, my world was turned upside down. I was 17 […]

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Nature & Nurture

My heart is full. I am bursting with gratitude and disbelief as I reflect on the experiences I’ve had, places I’ve seen, and people I’ve met during my road trip through the Pacific Northwest. They have humbled me more than I will ever be able to explain. The natural beauty of this world is so breathtakingly […]